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Unit 1: Safety! 
Unit 1 Test Monday, September 18th

Unit 2: Astronomy! 
Moon Quiz Wed 9/27
Seasons Quiz Fri 10/6
Gravity and Scale Quiz Fri 10/20
Astronomy Study Guide- Due in class Tuesday 10/24   
SG Answer Key Posted HERE after school on 10/24
Unit 2 Test Thursday 10/26

Unit 3: Foundations of Matter!
Phases Quiz Thursday 11/2
Periodic Table, Elements, Atoms Quiz 12/1
Unit 3 Test Tuesday 12/12
Unit 3 Study Guide - due in class Monday 12/11
SG Answer Key posted HERE after school on 12/11

Unit 4: Changes in Matter!
ECM Quiz Wednesday 12/20
Physical/Chemical Quiz Friday January 19th
Unit 4 Test Friday January 26th
Unit 4 Study Guide due Thursday 1/25
SG Answer Key posted HERE and in Google Classroom after school 1/25

Science 8 Midterm: Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
Midterm Study Guide HERE
Midterm Study Guide ANSWER KEY

Unit 5: Thermal Energy!
Thermal Energy Transfer Quiz Thursday 2/15
TE Quiz Study Guide HERE
Save the Penguins Test   Friday 3/9
Unit 5 Test  Monday 3/12
Unit 5 Study Guide due Friday 3/9
SG Answer Key posted HERE and in Google Classroom after school 3/9

Unit 6: Waves, Light and Sound
Waves Quiz Wednesday 3/21
Waves Quiz Study Guide HERE

Unit 1: Safety! 
Mrs. Kuehn made an awesome Lab Safety Study Guide! Feel free to use it to prepare!
Lab Safety Test is on Friday, September 16th, 2016

Unit 2: Moon & Seasons, Gravity and Scale
Moon Quiz 9/28  
Mrs. Kuehn made Moon Study Guide! Use it to prepare!
Seasons Quiz 10/11
Mrs. Kuehn's Seasons Study Guide!
Gravity and Scale of the Solar System Quiz 10/25
Unit 2 Test: Astronomy on Friday 10/28

Unit 3: Foundations of Matter (Phases, Atoms, Periodic Table)
Phases of Matter and Phase Changes Quiz Wed 11/16
Mrs. Kuehn's Quiz Study Guide here!
Atomic Theory Quiz Wed 11/30
Quiz Study Guide here!
Periodic Table/Elements Quiz Wed 12/7
Quiz Study Guide here!
Unit 3 Test: Foundations of Matter on Wednesday 12/14

Unit 4: Changes in Matter (ECM, Physical and Chemical Changes)
Elements, Compounds, Mixtures Quiz Wed 12/21
Mrs. Tripodi's Quiz Study Guide here!
Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes Quiz Thursday 1/12
Mrs. Kuehn's Quiz Study Guide here!
Unit 4 Test: Changes in Matter on Wednesday 1/25
Unit 4 Test Study Guide        SG Answer Key posted here after school on 1/24

Unit 5: Thermal Energy (Conduction, Convection, Radiation & Insulators vs. Conductors)
Thermal Energy Quiz Wed 2/8
Mrs. Kuehn's Quiz STUDY GUIDE here!
Save the Penguins/Thermal Energy Quiz Fri 2/24
Mrs. Kuehn's STUDY GUIDE here!
SAVE THE PENGUINS Post-Project Assessment is Tues 3/7 
Unit 5 Test is Friday 3/10
SG Answer Key posted here after school on 3/9

Unit 6: Waves (Wave Energy, Light and Sound)
Waves/Sound Quiz Mon 3/27
Mrs. Kuehn's Quiz STUDY GUIDE here!
Unit 6 Test is Wednesday, 4/5
Unit 6 Study Guide- due Tuesday 4/4
SG Answer Key posted here after school on 4/4

Unit 7: Earth Science
Earth Science Quiz Friday 4/28    (MONDAY 5/1 for Period 2 Science)
Mrs. Kuehn's QUIZ study guide here!
Unit 7 Test is Wednesday, 5/3
Unit 7 Study Guide- due Tuesday, 5/2
SG Answer Key posted here after school on 5/2

Unit 8: Physics
Speed Quiz Wed 5/10
Mrs. Kuehn's Study Guide HERE!
Energy, Forces, Friction Quiz Thurs 5/18
Mrs. Kuehn's Study Guide HERE!
Newton's Laws of Motion Quiz Friday 5/26
Mrs. Kuehn's Study Guide HERE!
Unit 8 Test is Friday, 6/2
Unit 8 Study Guide- due Thursday, 6/1            Unit 8 Quizlet
SG Answer Key posted here after school on 6/1

2016-2017 Final Exam
Science Final Exam is Thursday, June 15th, 2017
Section A due Mon 5/22            Answer Key Part A
Section B due Fri 5/26             Answer Key Part B
Section C due Mon 6/5               Answer Key Part C
Secion D due Mon 5/12               Answer Key Part D

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