STUDY GUIDES and SG Answer Keys

Unit 1: Safety! 
Unit 1 Test Friday, September 14th

Unit 2: Astronomy! 
Moon Quiz Friday 9/28
Seasons Quiz Monday 10/9
Gravity and Scale Quiz Friday 10/26
Astronomy Study Guide- Due in class Tuesday 10/30   
SG Answer Key Posted HERE after school on 10/30
Unit 2 Test Wednesday 10/31

Unit 3: Foundations of Matter!
Phases Quiz Thursday 11/14
Periodic Table, Elements, Atoms Quiz : 
Unit 3 Test Tuesday : 
Unit 3 Study Guide - due in class: 12/13
Portfolio Companion (for those that have completed their Chemistry Portfolio by Wed 12/12)
SG Answer Key posted after school on: 12/13 on Google Classroom

Unit 4: Changes in Matter!
ECM Quiz Friday 1/4
Physical/Chemical Quiz Friday 1/18
Unit 4 Test Thursday January 24th
Unit 4 Study Guide due Wednesday 1/23
SG Answer Key Posted after school on 1/23 on Google Classroom

Science 8 Midterm is Friday, February 8th
Due Dates: 
A-C due Wed 1/30        ANSWER KEY
D-F due Fri 2/1            ANSWER KEY
G-J due Tues 2/5
K-M due Thurs 2/7

Unit 5: Thermal Energy
Thermal Energy Quiz 2/15
Quiz Study Guide here
Save the Penguins Final Assessment Fri 3/8
Unit 5 Test Tuesday 3/12
Unit 5/STP study guide here 
SG Answer Key posted HERE

Unit 6: Waves, Light and Sound

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Unit 6: Waves, Light and Sound
Waves Quiz Wednesday 3/21
Waves Quiz Study Guide HERE
Unit 6 Test Tuesday April 3rd
Unit 6 Study Guide due Monday April 2nd 
SG Answer Key posted HERE and in Google Classroom after school on 4/2 unless otherwise requested

Unit 7: Earth Science
Earth Science Quiz Tuesday 4/24
ES Quiz Study Guide HERE
Unit 7 Test Friday 4/27
Unit 7 Study Guide due Thursday 4/26
SG Answer Key posted HERE and in Google Classroom after school on 4/26.
Quizlet Review Game: Unit 7 Earth Science

Unit 8: Physics
Speed Quiz Thursday 5/3
Study Guide HERE
Forces, Friction, KE/PE Quiz Monday 5/21
Study Guide HERE
Newton's Laws Quiz Friday 6/1
Study Guide HERE
Unit 8 Test Tuesday 6/5
Study Guide HERE        due Monday 6/4
Answer Key Posted after school HERE

(distributed Monday 5/21 on paper and in Google Classroom)
Section A due Friday 5/25            Section A Answer Key
Section B due Friday 6/1                Section B Answer Key 
Section C due Monday 6/11            Section C Answer Key
Section D due 6/14 (only required if Unit 8 Study Guide not completed by 6/4)    Section D Answer Key

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