STEM 2018-2019

Welcome to STEM 2017-18 with Ms. Boze!!!

STEMigami starts January 2018
The Math and Magic of Origami

Magnets and Electricity KICKING OFF Monday, November 27th!

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Welcome to STEM 2015--16 with Ms. Boze!

Greener Roofs Project: BOE Final Presentation 


Animated Names on Scratch!

Animated Cards on Scratch!

STEM CLUB starts Tuesday, March 1st after school in room 216!
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Optical Illusions

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STEM 2014-2015
Project 4: Marble Maze Madness

Design Your Own Maze 2014 - 2015

Project 3: Rubber Band Cars
Intro 1/15    Project worksheet
Research, planning
Building- week of 1/19

Project 2: FORENSICS!
Intro activity- 10/1
The "meat and potatoes- 10/2 and 10/3
See below for powerpoint.
Power of Observation Activity (10/6 and 10/7)
Lengthy Relationships (Height vs. Stride Length) 10/8......
Use your equation to predict 3 peoples' heights . Did it work?

Check out this method, see if it is better at finding someone's stride than what you did? 

Final Round-up: BUILD A CRIME SCENE- due Tues 1/13

 Project 1: Nature's Engineers: Seeds!
Intro- Monday, 9/8
Work Days- Week of 9/8 and 9/15
Data Crunch Days- Week of 9/22 (Computer Lab)

Data Crunch: 
1. Log on to a computer.
2. Open Excel. Save your sheet in a NEW folder on your P: drive named STEM as StemSeedsProject.xls
In your Excel sheet, set it up as follows: 
Column A Heading: "Model"   type this in cell A1
Column B Heading: "Time Aloft- Seconds" type this in cell B1
Column C Heading: "Distance Traveled- Centimeters" type this in cell C1
Column D Heading: "Average Time Aloft - Seconds"    type this in cell D1
Column E Heading: "Average Distance Traveled - Centimeters"  type this in cell E1
Then, enter your data! (don't include units)    type these in the appropriate cells

After all that, I will teach you how to make some graphs with your data- just call me over!

o       Bar Graph: Control and All Experimental Seeds:   Y-axis  Distance Traveled (cm)

o       Bar Graph: Control and All Experimental Seeds:   Y-axis  Time Aloft (s)

And more.... but that's where we will start!

 Project Files can also be found on the BozeScience Google Drive
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