NOTES (Slides, Powerpoints, and Science Resources)

 This contains links to all digital content used in the 8th grade Physical Science classroom. Refer back to it often and use it to prepare for assessments. Also, do not forget to check out the Study Guides page for additional resources!

(If you are absent & need to update your notebook)
Unit 1:  Lab Safety

Unit 2:  Astronomy

Unit 3: Foundations of Matter (Chemistry part 1)
Intro to Matter slides

Unit 4: Changes in Matter (Chemistry part 2)

Unit 5: Thermal Energy (How Heat Moves)

Unit 6: Waves, Light and Sound
Waves, Light, Sound slides                             WaveWatch Activity Slides (intro activity)

Unit 7: Earth Science
Earth Science Guided Reading- What Should Be In Your Notebook

Unit 8: Physics (Forces and Motion)
Newton's Laws Slides
    1st Law
    2nd Law
    3rd Law

Unit 1:  Lab Safety

Unit 2: Astronomy
Space Pen Pals Project (through Google Classroom)- Sign in with your WMTPS email

Unit 3: Foundations of Matter

Unit 4: Changes in Matter

Unit 5: Thermal Energy

Unit 6: Waves

Unit 7: Earth Science

Unit 8: Physics

 2015-2016's Stuff:

Unit 1:  Lab Safety

Unit 5: Energy  (Thermal and Waves)

Unit 6: Physics  (Speed, KE & PE, Forces & Motion)
ALL of Newton's Laws of Motion Slides Presentation (Summary, with links to individual Slideshows)

Unit 7: Earth Science        Unit Website: Earth Science Macopin

2014-2015's stuff 

 -Elements, Compounds, Mixtures(ECM) (Powerpoint is saved as Mixtures2014)
-Physical and Chemical Changes (notes, demos, practice) 

-Experimental Design and the Scientific Method (powerpoint and notes attached below)]
-Acids and Bases 
-Thermal Energy 
Save the Penguins!!!!

Speed (powerpoint)
Energy! (powerpoint)


Forces and Gravity (powerpoint)
Newton's Laws of Motion powerpoint

Phases of the Moon & Eclipses
The Reasons for the Seasons
The Scale of the Universe
Cosmic Calendar
Changes on Earth (prezi)
Earth's Structure
The Rock Cycle

Do It Again Activities

Use Quia to study and practice for quizzes and tests:
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