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Helpful Resources & Fun Links

This page is quickly becoming a laundry list of fun things to distract you in a SCIENCE way.... 
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Newton's Laws Games
Bumper Ducks (2nd and 3rd Law)

Great Fun Reviewing Gravity and the Scale of our Solar System:
Around and Around game  (Ms. Boze's Favorite!)
Other fun Solar System Review Games (a few are for younger kids)

Awesome Activities about WAVES (Sound and Light)
Waves Tech Exploration
Slides            Worksheet

Check out what astronauts are doing RIGHT NOW in the International Space Station (ISS):

Thermal Energy Transfer Rap!
Minute Physics Youtube Channel (a lot of great videos, we recently watched "What if the Earth was hollow?)
Meet the Elements by They Might Be Giants:
Rapping the Elements:
Dynamic Periodic Table:
TedEd "How Small Is An Atom?" :
The best kind of science questions:
Factors that Affect Climate:
Lab Safety:
Earth's Atmosphere (sky surfer, ocean analogy):
Earth Science Help:
Bulletproof Hoodie:
Oobleck on Speaker Cone:
Mythbusters walk on "water":
Other planets at the distance of the moon (cool simulation!):

NJ ASK Science Practice Jeopardy! (please don't mind the spelling errors- this is borrowed from another teacher!)
Cool Future videos:
A Day Made in Glass:
A Day Made in Glass 2:
Ms. B's Favorite Video (this week):
 Ok Go's This Too Shall Pass Rube Goldberg Music Video
BrainPop on WAVES:
Login: wmtps
PW: brainpop
Helpful information on GRAVITY (How do Satellites stay in orbit?):

Fun Game on ENERGY:
Macopin Middle School Website:

Ms. Boze's 2010 Website: