Science 8 Info

Ms. Bozenmayer*Be Awesome Today.*
Macopin Middle School
West Milford, NJ
@BozeScience (Twitter & Instagram)
8th Grade Physical Science

The "official" word:
This course is designed to meet the New Jersey Student Learning Standards in Science.  It will serve as an introduction to basic physics and chemistry concepts.  In addition, it will reinforce concepts of earth and space science.  This will include an overview of basic atomic structure up to chemical interactions of matter.  In addition, the laws of physics relating to motion, energy, and waves will be discussed.  Also, the explanation of the structure and interactions of the moon, earth, sun, and solar system will be reviewed and enhanced.  The study of these topics will be enhanced through the use of the scientific method in a lab-oriented manner. 

Ms. Boze's word:
My #1 goal this year is to send you on to high school THINKING LIKE A SCIENTIST. Sure, we will be fiddling with Physics, evaluating Earth Science, and considering Chemistry.... but the focus moves beyond memorizing facts and regurgitating them on a test to really GETTING IT. You'll have an opportunity to solve problems that really affect your everyday life, and I will try my best to make your 45 minutes a day in my classroom a little more fun than the science you may have known in the past.