About Ms. Boze

Graduate of Macopin School! Class of '95.
West Milford High School Class of '99.
University of Maryland, College Park 2002.
Ramapo College (Master's in Educational Technology) August 2016.
September 2018 starts my ninth year teaching at Macopin. Before I became a middle school science teacher, I worked in the Franklin Lakes elementary schools as their district Discovery teacher (similiar to Learning Unlimited here in WM) for one year, and before that I worked at Somerset County Park Commission as an environmental educator for 5 years (where I taught infants>>adults about nature and science, and ran a science summer camp for 7-9 year olds), and before that I worked at CENTRAL PARK ZOO!! (so cool) as a Zoo Educator, and before that I worked at Greenburgh Nature Center as Nature Center Intern, and before that I worked at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida as Museum/Animal Care Intern.
I've traveled the East Coast trying all sorts of things, and now I have settled here at Macopin School in 2010.
I also am the volunteer goalie coach for GIRLS FIELD HOCKEY at West Milford High School! Go Highlanders!

For fun outside of school, I played ROLLER DERBY for the Garden State Rollergirls  (www.gardenstaterollergirls.com) for 7 years before retiring in Spring '14. I like to hike, and bake, and use power tools to both fix and break things.  I love to longboard and stand-up paddleboard on weekends.  I visited Japan (Tokyo) and Thailand (Bangkok) this past summer and I LOVE to travel!
Other fun things: I have three cats named Fern, India and Neko. I have a weakness for chocolate chip cookies and corny science jokes. I name my cars and have a very extensive collection of sneakers. I have a VERY hard time sitting still!
And if you really want to get so know me, really really know me, here is a picture of my insides (my hand, face and foot, that is.) And some pictures of my cats, Neko, Fern, and India. 


Neko chilling out on the beam, playing "King of the Cabin"This is India. She usually disapproves. My fluffy cat Fern.